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Multisport Consultants has been providing triathlon and multi-sports coaching services to athletes of all ages and abilities for over 12 years. From sprint triathlon to ironman distance, Multisport Consultants programs and coaching services are available worldwide. The coaching services that we have provided via email over recent years have been extremely successful.

Before we prepare a triathlon training program, we evaluate each individual and take into consideration their previous training and racing history if applicable. We also take into consideration the number of available hours the athlete has to train each week and if the athlete has unusual working hours ie. shift work etc. By completing our initial questionnaire provided on the website allows us to determine the most appropriate program for your ability and lifestyle requirements.

Once training begins, to establish if the process of progressive overload/recovery is taking effect, you will be required to test yourself in regular time trials in each discipline ie. swim, bike and run. This will allow us to determine how well you are performing and improving, along with the effectiveness of the training program provided. You will find yourself pushing yourself to limits you never thought possible! By setting realistic, achievable goals in the beginning will provide you with the confidence and discipline required to achieving your major goals in the future.

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